My new shop, loving the royals and why Justin Timberlake does a good irish...

 Things in my head this week...

#1 This song by Lorde has been my 'lets get to work' song all week

#2  I've been pretty consumed with my new online shop that I've been building for the website. So I was pretty chuffed (and relieved) that it all launched without a hitch last week

#3 Love this behind the scene look at the John Lewis christmas advertisement. The sheer craft and skill involved in stop motion production always blows me away.

John Lewis 'The Bear & The Hare' - The Making Of from Blink on Vimeo.

#4 I read this article about the decline of the honeybee which is pretty worrying. It also means my mum could make her fortune from the  beehive she has in the garden...

#5 Picked up this vintage Road Atlas. Published by Universal Metal Products Ltd. 

#6 Love this version of The Auld Triangle by Justin Timberlake, Marcus Mumfurd of Mumford and Sons and the Punch Brothers. It is part of the soundtrack for the Cohen's new movie Inside Llewyn Davis. Check out the trailer below. Can't wait to see it, even if it's just for the music.

Until next time

xx V

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