Quote of the week... books

 "There are worse crimes than burning books one of them is not reading them" - 
Jospeh Brodsky - Russian poet and essayist

I broke my kindle a few months ago and never got around to fixing it. I've since discovered three things:

1) My bank balance prefers the post amazon craze of e-book buying that swept through me

2) I was reading a lot of sub par books because they were cheap and easy to read 

3) I missed the feel of a real live paper book and I am a sucker for adding the finished book to my bookshelf. 

Post kindle I have been steadily going through the giant pile of books to read that I have accumulated. If I was to stack them one on top of the other they would reach my hip. Yes I realise that this is a problem, but on the plus side I will never be short of a good book or a spare paper weight. I may get my kindle fixed or more likely buy a new one given the throw away culture that we live in that makes fixing it just as expensive as buying a new one. But there is nothing that can beat the feel of a good book or the relaxation of picking up a story and being completely wrapped up in a different world for a few hours.

Studies show that bright lights before you go to sleep are detrimental to sleep quality and can cause insomnia. They even say the bright light of the bathroom as you brush your teeth is not ideal. So switch off the laptop or turn off the telivision an hour early and pick up a good book or your kindle if that's your thing.

Have a great week and Happy Reading.

xx V

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