This week... space , jam, hearts and party planning

This week there was a lot of talk in Ireland about the Perseids meteor shower that was going to light up our skies. I have it on good authority that it did in fact do that but I didn't get to see it. Why not? Tall trees. I couldn't get a clear view near where I lived and at midnight I decided that a road trip was not on the cards. It is an annual event so I will have to go to higher ground next year.

But this got me thinking about the stars and that led to space which led me to Chris Hadfield.

 Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut, beamed down via social media his experiences as the commander of Expedition 35 on the International Space Station, including this rendition of the David Bowie classic.

Check out some of the photographs he took while in space here on his twitter acccount they are amazing. 


I love this little shop just down from Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin.
Jam Art Factory.

I love this tutorial on how to make a heart shaped cake. You never know when you'll need to whip this one out. Pinned, thank you! It came from the blog of the lovely Kate over at katiebrownhomeworkshop

how to make a heart shaped cake so simple so clever

Check more Party Tips on My 'For the Party' Pinterest board.

Have a great weekend.


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