The week in review...

This week has been a busy one, over at TheCraftCorner I've been busy preparing everything for the summer camps that will start next week

I wrote a post over on the Craft Corner about Tips to keep the Children busy this summer. Full post here

I was delighted when the Summer Craft Camps were featured in the Sunday Business Post magazine a few weeks ago.

I found this video on The Recycled Orchestra, which I think is a fantastic story of how you can turn no opportunities into a whole world of opportunities

"The world sends us music we send back garbage"

I popped out early this morning to go to the Dundrum Car Boot Sale. Held only 4 or 5 items a year it is always filled to the brim and today was no exception. I got talking to some of the sellers who said they had arrived at 2.45 AM to get a space. I picked up some fantastic old books (no surprise there) and lots of other 'essential' items.

This book, Newnes Household Encyclopaedia, dates from 1931 and some really cool content, including lots of old recipes.

I love the illustrations in this 1885 edition of  'Elementary Treatise on Natural Philosophy' (below)

 I also managed to steal some hours of sunshine.

 In an attempt to take advantage of the good weather I have been taking longer breaks in the afternoons (when I tend to lag anyway) and working later in the evenings. I actually find its working really well for my productivity.

This is my song of the week

Now get off your [insert relevant electrical device here] and get the hell outside. That yellow thing in the sky is the sun and it wants to say hi. 

xx V

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