Business Tips: How to track your mentions on facebook

 Go to the search bar at the top of your facebook page and type in the search term you are looking for. I typed in my company name six0sixdesign (you could just as easily search to see who's mentioning pinterest or etsy or summer camps) Make sure you type in the full name

At the very bottom of the list of results it will say "See more results" Click on this 

On the left hand side of your screen you will now see a list of different options. At the bottom of the list is one saying "Public Posts" Click on this and it will generate a list of all the mentions of your search term on facebook.

 A fantastic way to make sure that if clients, customers or fans are interacting with your page, mentioning you or your business that you 

Have a great week, 

xx V


Clwyd Probert said...

Thanks for that tip! I think the “mention” is one of the underappreciated features of Facebook. It not only alerts you when your page is talked about, it’s also a tool that allows you to know how your page is being placed in conversations. This means you can plan how to protect your business’ reputation and build relationships with customers as well.

Clwyd Probert

AtLast said...

I followed the search tips but there is no "public posts" listed on the left for me...suggestions?

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