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 When I'm teaching the kids in my Craft Classes I never let them think in terms of mistakes, there is no 'wrong way' to create art only different ways and  sometimes it's the 'wrong' ones that come up with the most interesting results.

In my own designs the evolution of a product can often be the result of many false starts and all those little 'mistakes' are all part of the process.

 I think that most mistakes in life whether in work or elsewhere can be used as learning experiences. The only time a mistake is a bad thing is when you come away from it having learnt nothing. 

So this week I challenge you to leave the rule book behind and go for it. Yes, you might fail but the next time it'll be that little bit easier and you'll be that little bit better and braver for it.

oh shoot can't see the picture, its a good one. Click to 'allow images'
Make Mistakes, Learn from them,Go Forward. 

Have a great one. 

xx Vanessa 

PS I spent most of last week in London for work, some cool photo's to share with you later this week. 
Pinky promise.

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