This week...

I'm super excited to reveal the first sneak peek of a new product line I've been working on. Can anyone guess what's inside?


I found this pretty interesting. Paul Miller decided he was going to leave the internet for a year. And he did it. This is what happened. (see video below)

I found it interesting that he seemed to swap one set of addictions for another and that maybe instead of being an entirely bad thing in moderation it actually helped him to socialise and prevented his natural tendency to isolate himself from manifesting.
Could you do it? Would you want to?


I really want to buy one of these. They are lenses designed specifically for your smart phone. I think it genius and I also think they are really well priced. I think I may be adding them to my Wish List.

Pretty amazing right. 

Have a great weekend peeps and I shall see you all back here Monday for some Words to Live by. 

xx V 

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