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I was really delighted to hear that my Wedding Pencils (below) were included in Red Magazine's website in a selection of The "Best Wedding Favours" link here They are image No 13

Can't see this image. Click on the see images button on your browser or a the top of this email.


I had a really funny encounter with one of my facebook fans this week. I posted a picture (below) showing the cute packaging for my Map Necklaces and then I get this comment pointing out a wee mistake I had made... can anyone spot it. If you're a fan on facebook you may have an unfair advantage!

It's pretty small so I was super impressed that she spotted it and also slightly embarrassed that I hadn't!

Image one:

Image 2: (after the wonders of photoshop)
leave your guesses in the comments below.

I found this poor little nest in the garden yesterday. The little eggs just looked so forlorn. if anyone has any advice on what to do with it (should I just leave it where I found it?) pop on over to the facebook page and share your wisdom!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Bank Holiday.

xx V

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