This week...

I heard this song by Loiuse Killeen on Rte Radio on Thursday and I love her voice. She is an Irish singer from Co. Offaly.
Video for her song Charming Hands below

In fact I loved it so much, I just bought the album from her website here and bonus points for buying Irish!  

You may be familiar with the Dove Ad Campaigns that focus on natural beauty and while they are a marketing tool and cynics will highlight that fact I think there is a really genuine foundation to them. Their latest campaign RealBeautySketches, took a selection of women and had them describe themselves to a sketch artist. Then the same woman was described by a stranger. The differences, well watch the video to see.

(and thanks to Christine for posting this on facebook)

I was at a gig in The Grand Social on Thursday night and there was an artist there called Barry Jazz Finnegan and his work is amazing. I think he calls himself a photo-realistic artist. As the bands were playing he worked away and from a blank sheet of paper he created an incredible piece of work. Loved watching art in action

You can see the stop motion videos of some of the other works he's done on his youtube channel here.

Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather this weekend.

xx V

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