Words to live by - If I should have a daughter

Sarah Kay is a spoken word poet. Before I go any further get rid of all those pre conceptions you have about clicking fingers and coffee house readings. Sarah Kay is a whirlwind of beautiful words and an incredible presence on stage. It is almost as if she is telling you one story with her voice and a second with her hands. She has a pitch perfect tone and just the right balance between eloquent and clutz. 

When I was choosing an excerpt of one of her poems I went back again and listened to her TED talk- where I first heard her. And I wanted to put every word she said into this post. 

But their were two particular pieces from her poems in that talk that had stayed with me so I chose both of them to share with you today. They reference determination and never giving up and I love in particular the imagery the first brings to mind. 

Her poem reminds me of Rudyard Kipling's "If" that he wrote for his son. A letter to

Please, please take a moment and watch the video, it is well worth it. I challenge you not to love it.

Link here or video below 


Sonya Kanelstrand said...

Very interesting indeed. I didn't know anything about spoken word poetry, although I am a poet myself. I mainly view poetry as a solitary and her personal experience. I do believe that spoken out loud the poem loses much of its beauty, mainly because everyone reads it in their own voice, giving it many faces and lives. But Sarah's TED talk stirred something in me and I might reconsider my attitude. Thank you for sharing.

Vanessa said...

Hi Sonya,

I would have had exactly the same opinion as you and I wouldn't say I am a convert to spoken word poetry as a whole but I think that in the right hands, in this case Sarah Kay's, it can be a a powerful medium. Lovely to hear it got you thinking too!

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