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I've been thinking a lot about home recently, what it means to us as individuals but also what it means to a culture and a country. Monday was a bank holiday here as it was St. Patrick's Day on Sunday so that's why this post is a day late. This week's quote is taken from an old Irish proverb, one that I can still remember learning off rote for my Irish essay's in school and I have chosen to leave it in it's original language.

It roughly translates to the similar English proverb "There's no place like home" but I think it is important to understand the literal translation 

" There is no hearth like your own hearth" 

  Before modern technology, before television and electricity and the internet the hearth or fire was the centre of the home. It was a source of heat, where the cooking often took place and a central area for families to gather and share the day's news. 

What is the equivalent of a modern day hearth? Have our home's lost their core or have we adapted to find a new one? 

click here for an audio link of the quote

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