Designer Thursday... the notebook

A friend of mine forwarded me this video on 'The Death of Paper' (below)

Which got me thinking about how I record things. My ideas, designs, business tips, quotes even my shopping lists. You see I love technology, I use it constantly but I still use a day by day Diary to plan meetings and I am never without a notebook of some form.

 My collection of notebooks.

While I can see myself going more online from a practical point of view, being able to access my Diary from anywhere would be a good idea. I can never see myself without my trusty notebook. 

Which brings me to this weeks Designer Thursday. The notebook! 

My go to for years was always the Moleskine. Interestingly the company have recently teamed up with Evernote to offer a range of Smart Notebooks.  I am not sure if I am entirely on board with what they are trying to sell (it seems to rely heavily on 'smart' stickers) but I think the idea of cross collaboration has potential. 

Below is a Moleskine notebook that I covered in the cut off part of an pair of tweed trousers!

Each notebook is dated on the outside cover 

If I am feeling a blocked or in a design rut I often flip back through my old notebooks. Below you can see the initial design sketched for my Egg. 

 Or the very first idea sketch I did for my hand covered pencils

My notebooks are a a vital tool, a recording device that I don't think I could translate into a digital medium. 

I sometimes make my own notebooks. The one you see below is a small pocket notebook, the binding is sewn using an old Singer sewing machine.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my love affair with paper and my obsession with notebooks!

Until tomorrow. 

xx V

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