Designer Thursday: The Mug

Welcome to another Designer Thursday

Today I am inspired by the rain, the rain that is pouring down outside my window as I type this, the rain that just won't stop. 

On days like this I consume about twice the amount of tea, maybe that's why us Irish love our tea so much. 

And like any good tea drinker I know that the enjoyment of a cup of tea greatly depends on what you are drinking it from. I am not a cup and saucer lady. I like my mugs, with nice comfortable handles and just big enough that you can savour the moment without the moment ending with a cold cup of tea.

Take these mugs for instance, the result of a collaboration between Designist and Le Cool Dublin

This is an Irish truism.
"If the slightest problem arises,someone will inevitably offer you a mug of tea"

I have quite a collection of mugs. But there are still others I lust after. 

I have always wanted a mug with a Rob Ryan, and then this Christmas I got one. Thank you! 
And then I saw this beautiful and romantic (yes I just called a mug romantic) duo by him

"All of these words are worth less then the breath used to say them if we cannot be together"
This would make a really cool 9th wedding anniversary present, a twist on the traditional pottery gift. 

One of my favourite mugs is my Penguin Classic mug which was produced by ArtMeetsMatter.

And I can still remember the day that the handle on my Beatrix Potter mug finally gave up the ghost. - on a complete aside; don't you just love that expression 'gave up the ghost'

Then there is Scottish company McLaggan Smith Mugs whose Morse Code mug I am the proud owner of.

And finally I leave you with my most recent purchase, the Bicycle Riders favourite tea, which I snapped up in a local shop.


I think I can still land my collection safely on the right side of obsession, but maybe I should change it up, I could start collecting tea pots next...

Have a favourite mug send me a photo over on twitter @six0sixdesign or on my facebook page

Tea mad and proud. 

xx V

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