This week I ...

#1 loving the colour of these dried flowers. I call them Chinese Lanterns. They have a beautiful pattern to their 'skin'

...went to see Djando Unchained on Wednesday evening. (Thank You Odeon Wednesday's

 Absolutely loved it, even if I did have to hide behind my hands a few times. Fantastic acting,especially Jamie Foxx and Christopher Waltz.


 took some new product shots of my Map in a Bottle Necklaces

 ...started watching House of Cards which is a new tv show exclusive to Netflix.I have to say when Netflix first came to Ireland I was not it's biggest fan but since then their selection has grown and now they seem to have pulled off a first for online streaming sites,

A tv show that Netflix created, financed and aired before anywhere else, starring big names like Kevin Spacey and RobinWright Penn. As far as I know, you don't got Netflix, you don't got House of Cards. Clever

And the show seems like it could be pretty good too, always a bonus. A nod to the future perhaps?
Finally over at The Craft Corner we had our first After School Craft Class of the year on Wednesday; which went really well. The class made their very own silk paper. This shot below shows it when still wet.

All in all a good week. Have a great weekend peeps.

xx V  

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