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When I signed up to Pintirest at first it was with mild curiosity and not a very clear idea as to what I might use it for. This was back when it wasn't hitting the headlines and 'pinning' had not yet joined tweeting and blogging as part of our daily techno lexicon. 

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Now that I have been actively using it for quite a while I have a much better handle on its potential.I definitely think that it has and will continue to change how we search the internet. I now save ideas and inspirations to my Pinterest boards. I catalogue my blog posts and ideas on Pinterest. It is a visual smorgasbord (you've got to love that word) of all that inspires me. It is also a really handy way of remembering clever tips and tricks.

My Pinterest fundamentals 

 Only follow those boards that you are REALLY interested in following,you don't need to follow someone just because they follow you. BE PICKY, pick and choose the boards you like. 

  I like to upload or find as much original content as possible. This one is a personal preference of mine and not a hard and fast rule. Some of my boards have more original content than others. Some are a gathering place. Always link and give credit where credit is due. 

  Go off-line Some of my favourite 'off-line' pinspirations are 

-Fashion shoots/magazines which mainly go onto my  Fashion Photography board 

- The natural world onto my board The Nature Table
- and showing off my love of books on my Books; How I love thee board

Tear it out - scan it in - Pin it = Never lost + always at your finger tips


Pin about what you love and others will love it too.

One of the first boards that I created was my Light me up board. It started out as a way for me to catalogue all the blog posts on lighting that I had written. It was only as I started looking that I realised just how much I loved lighting.

One of my most popular boards is my Words to live by board. I love quotes and have always scribbled them down on the pages of my notebooks. Now I take these words and every Monday pin a new Quote. I have started to design backgrounds and use photographs, maps and colour to compliment the words. 

 I think it really taps into something that all people love,the inspiration that words can provide and a visual way of recording them.

So that is the end of my Pinterest chit chat, If you have a pinterest account leave a link in the comments below and I will hop on over and check it out.

xx V  

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