This week...

Well this week I...

 I saw out 2012 and welcomed the new year in a very civilised manner with Jool's Hollanhds Hootenanny. But then, chatting to a friend later on in the week she tells me that ITS NOT LIVE! He had us all fooled. In hindsight it did seem a little unbelievable that he could manage to get all that fame into one room on New Years. There goes that bubble. Pop

Just before Christmas I was contacted by an indie band called Third Smoke. I had mentioned loving Bon Iver's Skinny love in this post and they mentioned doing a cover of a Bon Iver song, which I loved. They sent me on some of their original songs and these boys are talented.  I couldn't decide what one I loved more so here are my top two. Definitely a band to watch this year!

You can catch them in The Grand Social on Sunday the 27th of January in Dublin


 This ties in with No 2. In the same post I talked about discovering another new musician that I loved, Vincent McMorrow and that I ordered his album. Well it arrived in the post and I have been listening to it on repeat ever since. His voice is so hauntingly beautiful. Couldn't recommend it more.


  I booked a little road trip away for my Birthday next week. Just to Kinsale in Co. Cork, but I am looking forward to sea air and fingers crossed some scrummy sea food. One place I can't wait to grab a bite at is Fishy Fishy Restaurant. I shall report back.

Have a great weekend.

xx V

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