New Year Resolutions

When it comes to New Year resolutions I like to keep it fairly simple. Realistic goals that I can feasibly achieve. This year I have decided to share one of my resolutions with you.

I have been dreaming up a whole new blog ethos and I am determined to put it into practice, starting today. 

I started this blog in late 2010 without any clear idea of what I wanted to get from the whole experience. I saw others doing it and thought I'd like to try that and I got hooked. I love technology and I love blogging but I have never had a game plan. Over the last few months I have started to feel that this lack of direction has meant that this blog has never reached it's full potential.

So this year, 2013, I have set out a plan. A list of goals for my blog and first on this list is to create; and most importantly maintain, a consistent blog schedule.

There are a whole host of amazing bloggers out there who offer fantastic advice to people like me. Small, oftentimes, one woman bands, trying to make it in this digital age. My top three are:

Shelly and Genevieve over at  Lightbox SF they no longer write the blog BUT it has tons of great content
Brittni Melhoff at paprenstitch check out the business tips

One of the key points that they all make is to have a good blog you must have 

  So first up Consistency

"I hereby solemnly promise to post a minimum of three times per week. Scouts honour."

Sometimes I will be posting everyday, but I wanted to give myself a realistic goal that I know I can stick to. To maintain this I will be setting out a schedule of themed posts (more about that tomorrow) and I will try to set aside a few hours each week and stockpile and schedule posts in advance. In the same way I use hootsuite to schedule tweets. I will treat my blog more as a part of my business, and give it the time it deserves, rather than squeezing a post out at 11 o'clock at night and then wondering why things don't get done!
In tomorrow's post I will be telling you a little bit about what I will be posting on a regular basis. 

Until then.

xx V   

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