Blog Resolutions Part 2:

 (apologies in advance for all the words I'm asking your eyes to swallow in this one)

Yesterday I told you all about one of my New Year Resolutions. Namely to shake things up on this yee-old blog of mine. To try and inject some new life and umph into it, more than anything from my own point of view. I made my promise to be more consistent. Next on the list of my little C.O.P mantra is Originality and Personality. 


One of the best things about blogs is the ability to publish whatever you want, whenever you want from wherever you are in the world. I have looked back at all the posts that I have sent out into cyber space and the most popular posts are my

Artist Profiles

My weekly round-ups/What I'm listening to, watching, reading etc. 

Starting next week I will have a weekly post on Monday morning's with my quote of the week. You can see previous quotes either on the blog here or over on my Pinterest board Words to live by here

I will have a 'Tutorial Tuesday' at least once a month on the first of the month and maybe more often. But again I don't want to promise what I can't deliver. So I will start with a monthly craft tutorial

Each week I will sign off with a 'This Week' post. This will be a mix of news about what I'm working on, music I'm listening to and all that. Basically a peek behind the curtains.

I also want to start up an Artist's Profile posting. Something similar to the Quit your Day job series that Etsy runs, but I would like to concentrate on Irish artists and designers if I can. If you are interested drop me an email at

Have a great day. I'm off for a walk. Part of my 'Get more fresh air' resolution. Now if only Ireland would partake of a 'have less rain' resolution! 

xx V

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