Craft Tutorial 5: Upcycled String Tidy

 I have a big collection of old Lyle's Golden Syrup tins, mainly because they are just too pretty to throw away.
Normally I just use them to make my pens and pencils look pretty but I really needed a string tidy (especially with all the fairs and wrapping up of orders on at the moment) 

It's very simple to do but you do need a few tools.

metal tin
ball of yarn 
drill bit (large enough for string to comfortably fit through) 
electric drill
very rough sandpaper
fabric glue
scrap of fabric 
timber offcut (to put beneath tin lid when drilling)
protective eyewear

#1: Get your tin, wash thoroughly and leave to dry. (you don't want it getting rusty). Find a ball of yarn that will fit inside the tin.

#2: Mark the centre point of your lid with a marker and then tap an indent using a punch and a hammer. This will give your drill bit a starting point and there will be less chance of it wandering.

#3: Put on your protective goggles! Place tin lid on timber offcut , with drill on slow setting start to drill through lid with one hand firmly holding lid in place. (You may want a second person to help with this) Drill fully through

#4: Sand both faces around the hole with very rough sandpaper (I used an off cut from my bellsander)

#5: Cut fabric to fit lid and sand metal surface lightly before glueing down. Leave to dry then cut fabric back from centre of hole and push through to underside of tin. Secure with tape or glue. (I just used masking tape as it won't be seen) This will protect the string from the sharp edges of the tin.

And there you have it, an original string tidy. Practical and pretty too. 

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below. 

xx V


Sharon Plessier said...

Lovely! Thanks for this. I've got the Lyle's Birthday tin and am loathe to get rid of it, but don't have any particular uses for it either. I'll be doing this with it forthwith!

Vanessa scott-hayward said...

You're very welcome Sharon, I have such a collection of them too! Just couldn't bear to throw them out. happy crafting

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