The week in 5...

#1 I discovered a very cool Asian Market onDrury Street in Dublin. The kind of place you know is there but you never actually go into. Well I did and bought lots of random stuff including these. The almond chocolate things didn't last the car trip home, so I'll be back as Arnie would say. Although they did have an interesting take on customer service, part of the maybe? 

#2 I also discovered a fantastic new Art Supply store. Cork Art Supplies And they are Irish. I find it really hard to source a huge number of supplies for a reasonable price in Ireland so it was a lovely surprise to see that these guys not only had what I wanted but at a competitive price too. 
#3- I've been catching up on my Etsy handmade videos over on their youtube channel. Love this guy.

#4 I see young love won't be defeated given the huge number of locks still adorning the Ha'Penny Bridge. A quirky novelty or are we defacing one of Dublin's most well known landmarks?

#5 And lastly I learnt something new this week. Ireland's favourite painting is Frederic William Burton’s Hellelil and Hildebrand, The Meeting on the Turret Stairs. Now we figured this out back in May but I am fashionably late to the party. It's in the National Gallery so if you have a spare hour or two this weekend go check it out and decide for yourself. It's free too!

Have a great weekend. 

xx V

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