Some of the books that I've collected (Part 2)

Last week I delved into some of the books in my collection. Now its time for part two. Looking past the pretty covers to what's inside, inside we also like the pretty but the best parts are when the book tells a story like this one...

At the cost of one penny per night J. & A. Cruikshank of Morningside Road in Edinburgh would lend you this volume. The dates start in January 1925, a lovely little piece of history.

The book is Midwinter by John Buchan, best known for his novel The Thirty-Nine Steps.

A 1931 edition of Robert Lynd's work. Part of The Kings Treasuries of Literature series by JM Dent Publishers. Dent rose to prominence by selling cheap editions of the classics to the working classes in the late 1800's. If you're a book geek like me and dig the history of things there's more info on them here

This edition of Pinnochio I hands down picked up for the illustrations on the inside leaf and the front cover embossing work. It also reminded me that although I know the story of Pinnochio like the back of my hand (as an aside why do people say that, I mean I'm not sure I do know the back of my hand all that well) I had no idea who the author was. Charles Collodi for the record. Born Carlo Lorenzini in Collodi Italy in 1826 he wrote under the pen name of Collodi.
Illustrations by AH Watson.
Finally another JM Dent publication of Goethes' Faust. Published 1902. Loved the owl embossed on the cover.

Well that's it for now, hope you enjoyed the post. Any comments, insights, or maybe I missed out on some fabulous piece of random knowledge. Let me know in the comments below (ooh look I rhymed). 

xx V

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