Some of the books that I've collected (Part 1)

I love old things and I love books so in this my two love's meet. I will choose a book for it's cover artwork, content, inscriptions inside, annotations, flyleaf designs or simply because there is something about it that appeals to me. 

Here are some of my recent acquisitions. 

 This 1906 edition of Elizabeth Gaskell's work's I bought for the beautiful detailing on the spine. (centre book above) 

 A lot of the old dictionaries I buy I use when making my hand covered pencils, therefore purchases completely justified!

I love all the old ring marks on this Chambers English Dictionary. I can just imagine it being thumbed through for the crossword or scrabble. Complete with an open fire and required animal companion. 

This People's Edition of Alfred Lord Tenyson's poetry works was once part of a larger collection. 12 books. Unfortunately I only got two, but I loved the embossed initials on the cover. Published by MacMillan and Co in 1895 

Published in 1950 this music score of Haydn's Symphony No. 101 was part of a series Penguin released to
" meet the needs of concertgoers and amateurs of music." They were a pricey two shillings and sixpence each

This book was published in Glasgow, Scotland by Blackie and Son Limited. Fell in love with the illustration on the front cover. Reminiscent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The publishing companies illustrator, Talwin Morris was friends with Mackintosh so perhaps a connection. More investigating needed.

Next week's post will concentrate more on the interiors because it's not all about pretty covers, sometimes 'the pretty' goes inside too.

xx V

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