What I've been up to...

I've been watching...

Making composting cool as only Etsy can do


Also watching The Newsroom. It is filling the large Revenge shaped hole in my heart.

I've been listening to...
acoustic versions of songs and Later with Jools Holland music show is fantastic at picking the best artists from here and now and somehow making them sound even better. 

loving this by The Villagers (video below)

I've been snacking on my Watermelon sorbet that I finally learned how to make. It turns out that you can find pretty much any excuse to eat sorbet. Oh look its tea time must have some sorbet, I finished doing my accounts I should treat myself to some sorbet, Oh look the Olympics are on definitely need some sorbet to go with this. You get the picture right.

I used a variation on this recipe because a) I don't have an ice cream maker and b) even if I did freezing it the night before would be far too much forward planning for me.

That's me, until next time.

xx V

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