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You might have noticed that I took a little break from blogging the last few weeks. To be completely honest I just needed a bit of a mini siesta from sitting down to write a blog nearly every day. Those who do it understand what I'm getting at, but I'm glad to say that I'm back and ready to go. 

So what have we missed out on. Well for one Easter has come and gone. I was doing a fair over Easter weekend so I do feel a little like it all just slipped by me unnoticed. There had been a general consensus our house that no Easter Egg shopping would be done and it was all going to plan until I got a call Monday morning to tell me I won this...

 so while Easter arrived a little late it did come in style.

Flicking through my googlereader account today I saw all the amazing posts I missed out on. One thing led to another and not only did I find my favourite Easter tutorial but I've found a cool new blog to follow.

It is by Alicia Paulson over at rosielittlethings. It shows you how to take flowers and leaves from your garden and use onion skins to dye them. Thanks Alicia.

I have this bookmarked and ready to try out for next year.

Tomorrow I'll be filling you in on what I've been reading online and in print and things to do this weekend...

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