Friday links...

I got such good feedback from last Fridays post on my new favourite blogs that I thought I would give you a second instalment.

So this weekend Do...


A friend of mine lent me David Lebovitz's book 'The Sweet life in Paris' which I am really enjoying reading. An online extension of the book is his blog. Lebovitz is a Pastry Chef, turned cookery book author, turned Parisian. The blog is a fabulous and often times hilarious insight into what it is like to actually live in one of the most romanticised cities in the world. The reality is a lot more frustrating than the fantasy but it does make for great reading.


Well this little gem is a long standing favourite of mine. The dieline is, in my opinion, THE place to find beautiful, original and up and coming packaging design. Now it might not sound like your cup of tea but have a look and you'll see what I mean.


This one is a relatively new find of mine. Definitely one for a lover of all things paper and pretty which would be me. Beautiful photography and some really good 'how to' tutorials. 

A must click for anyone looking for inspiration for wedding invites or stationery designs. 

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend.

xx V

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