Do...this weekend

Thought I'd forgotten didn't you. Here it is

the Friday round up of what to Do over the weekend. 

 Do...expand your reading list. Your online reading list that is. There are a fantastic range of blogs out there. And a lot of them get lost in the giant haystack that can be the world wide web. 

So here are some of my favourite NEW finds. 

 Norwegian lifestyle blog Kanelstrad  by Sonya. 
Read it if you like the idea of simple living, green crafts, beautiful pictures of Norway 

LeafClutter  from the studio of Leaf Cutter Designs
Read it if you like really small letters. I will definitely be covering their work in a post very soon. 

Jam Jar Jam by Cassie. 
All about my friends slight obsession with jam jars. 

Design Ark  
Read if you like design. Great content consistent quality. 

Lightbox SF by Shelly and Genevieve.
 Read this if you are just starting out in your own business. For all creatives out there, strong, inspiring and practical advice. 

More next week. 

xx V


Sonya Kanelstrand said...

Thanks for including the Kanelstrand blog! I also enjoy LightboxSF immensely and am going to check out the rest of the blogs you mention!

Keep up the good work!

six0six design said...

Hi Sonya,
Thank you!I really did love your simple living series.
Take care


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