Valentines... Yay or Nay

 Ah Valentines Day. Beloved and dreaded in equal measures. I have to say I waver between the two and often find myself squarely in the region of apathy. The idea of scheduling romance is in itself not that romantic. I know that sounds terrible doesn't it, but I much prefer the idea of spontaneous romance. 

An unexpected present at an unexpected time...

 from Thimbleanna
Flowers on a rainy day...
 from iamthebee blog. Who by the way has the prettiest shop on Etsy.

 If you love flowers you will LOVE this blog from Amy Merrick

Or sky writing.  I could be wowed by writing in the sky...
 I tore this image (above) from a magazine so long ago that I have not a clue where it came from. But isn't it pretty now. 

What's the best romantic gift you've given or been given?

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