Places to go, things to see...

'Oh the things you can find 
If you don't stay behind!
In the places I go there are things that I see...'
- Dr Seuss 

The Museum

In Hobart, Tasmania on the banks of the river Derwent you will find MONA. The Museum for Old and New Art. It is the latest addition to the art empire of David Walsh.

 Designed by architects Fender Katsalidis I get the impression that this is very much Walsh's world. He calls it his 'unmuseum'. The Galleries have been designed around specific pieces of artwork in Walsh's collection. There is even a tennis court, because of course that's what all good museums need.

The museum delves right down into the bowels of the earth.

For more on Walsh and the museum this article from the Guardian is pretty good.

xx V

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