Just peachy...

adj. peach·i·er, peach·i·est 1. Resembling a peach, especially in colour or texture.
2. Informal Splendid; fine.

I love the ruffles on this Darling bolero. To find out more about Darling check out their website

 I'm not sure which I prefer more, the effortless updo, or the elegant peach flower...

 From Etsy Shop freshsewn

Absolutely adore this necklace from Irish jewellery designer Judith Ritchies. Find her shop, 'A Box for my Treasure' here

 Such a pretty fabric brooch from The Blooming Thread

 For more Peachiness check out my 'Just Peachy' Treasury, my very first Treasury too, over on Etsy.

xx V

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, this is beautiful! I came back to visit your blog and looks like my comment didnt post, i tried from my phone :P anyway! i loooove the blouse here.. and i love your blog too! thanks so much!

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