Do... Go... See...

the Friday round up of what to Do, where to Go, and what to See over the weekend. 


...this cooking lesson on 'The Art of Pesto' by Kinfolk is a beautiful lesson in the art of slow. I definitely see some chopping on the horizon.

Classic Pesto from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

for more information on the recipe go to the etsy blog post.

Go... your local food market. No matter where you live there is bound to be a decent country market where you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese; often directly from the producer. Yes; it will probably be slightly more expensive than your local supermarket but you have the story of the produce from start to finish. For me local is the Naas Farmers Market. You can also make a day trip of it. Get in the car and go on a food adventure people.

Marmalade oranges on sale in The Peoples Park Market, Dun Laoighire (on every Sunday)

Check this article out for markets in London, including the Borough Food Market. Some of my best memories of travelling in America were of arriving into a city early in the morning (after another lovely over night greyhound bus ride) and wandering about till I found a food market. Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Chicago... my first impressions of al these cities was through the local food. And damn it was good.


...something at the Cow's Lane Market this Saturday. The first Designer's Mart of the year, sure to be lots of interesting crafts to see and buy. And just beside it is the Designers Studio.
In New York? I loved this post on Pia Jane Bijkereks blog by guest writers Ashley and Aron Bruhn from Hither and Thither. GO find yourself a flea market.

ALL of these flea markets are on my list for my American road trip. Yup, I'm a dreamer people. Where's your favourite treasure trove?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. 

xxx V 

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