Crafty; Flowers to last

Flowers fade.
Petals fall, Roses lose their bloom.

While they last they are beautiful. There is nothing like the scent of fresh flowers in a room, but if you want something longer lasting then these projects are perfect for you. As with all things worth doing you will need a dash of patience and some time. But that as they say is half the fun.

found via Pintirest

If you want a quicker though no less impressive tutorial this one from Etsy is pretty good.

 Make your own Elegant Parchment flowers.

Although you do need more materials for this project and the one below you can get them all in a good flower shop and your local craft supplier.

The one that I am in the middle of doing when I can grab a minute is this project by Nata over on greenweddingshoes

I'll let you know how I get on. I've strayed slightly from the tutorial already as I had no green crepe paper. So I've painted  yellow crepe paper green. We shall see...

What one would you pick?

xx V

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