Amelie's corner

I spotted this sketch tucked into the corner of a page in Sundays Style magazine. 

The illustrator is Amelie Hegardt . Curiosity got the better of me so I decided to see if her other work was just as good, and it is. Based between London and Stockholm Hegardt has worked for the likes of Harrods and H&M. I think what drew me to her work is the colour and tonal quality to it. I can almost see her brush strokes, the mixing of paint and the stroke of the pen.

for Jean Paul Gaultier (above)

for Mac Cosmetics, New York fashion week (above)

Amelie has also illustrated a series of Wallpaper designs for Mimou. Mesdames (below) 

I of course saved the best for last. My favourite piece by her was part of an exhibition in Dublin in 2008. 'Untitled Forest 2' was part of the Totally Swedish exhibition festival.

You can also see more of her work on her blog here
xx V

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