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Every year there are predictions of who will be making it big in the next 12 months. Now I'm no music expert, but I know what I like and the majority of them don't tend to be mainstream. I'm a big fan of the do it yourself youtube trend that has taken hold over the past few years. I've discovered some of my favourite artists that way. But having said that here's a taste of who I think should and hopefully will make it big in the months to come.

Probably a very obvious choice to start off with considering the crazy amount of publicity that's been generated around her but my top pick has to be Lana del Ray. Nearly all of you will be familiar with her song Video Games but I have to say I really love 'Born to Die' (below) 

Her album will be out January 30th

A very close second is Scottish singer/song writer Emeli Sande

Her album's out in February. Know the name? She's already done colabs with Professor Green and written music for the likes of Tinie Tempah.

Absoloutely love this performance from her on Jools Holland (below)

I insist that you check out her youtube channel here to hear more. Notably 'Maybe' and 'Kill the Boy'
Third up is Rebecca Ferguson with her new album Heaven. I think the acoustic version of her single 'Nothings Real But Love' (below) suits her down to a tee. Would I go see her live, probably not, but I'll be getting that album thank you. Its nice to see a bit of soul emerging from something like the X Factor.

And lastly but not least we have London based singer/songwriter Daley with 'Those Who Wait' (below)

You can also download his album for free here. A dangerous gambit perhaps, but sure to generate a big fan base.

Also check out Azealia Banks a R&B star who's February gig in Whelans has already sold out along with pretty much all her other dates.

And Lianna La Havas with these top performances on Jools Holland here 
and here 'Age' is my favourite

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