Beautiful Books: My Heart Wanders

One of the first blogs I ever followed, or indeed looked at, was that of Pia Jane Bijkerk' 
And it was love at first click. When her book 'Paris Made By Hand' came up for sale I snapped it up. But today I want to talk about Pia's third book 

'My Heart Wanders'

I'll admit that I bought this book as a purely indulgent 'pretty pictures' book. I didn't really know what it was going to be about. But as I started to read I realised I was in for a rare treat. It is at heart a love story. Pia's story. It was a fascinating insight into how she had ended up moving to Paris, living on a house boat in Amsterdam and the process of how her books had come to be written. It is a very honest look at what happens when you decide to follow your dreams.

Of course that's not to say there weren't lots of very pretty pictures. (below)

There's a fantastic 3 dimensional quality to the photography in the book. Specimens are held down with strips of masking tape (above), flowers and seeds are used to create innovative chapter headings (below).

A really beautiful book both in visual and in written content.

xxx V

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