Hello September

For varying reasons, most of which are not very exciting, I decided to take a little break from my blog. The little break turned into the month of August but sometimes I think its really good to step back from something to get inspired by it all over again.

Having not looked at my Google reader for several weeks the overload of information is somewhat overwhelming.  But here are a few snippets that grabbed my eye as I scrolled by.

I love interactive artwork so this Anonymous Hugging wall by Keetra Dean Dixon was a no brainer. More snaps and details here

 via Papertastebuds

How pretty pretty are these flower decorations. Eye catching; the old glass bottles and tins masquerading as vases.

via thesweetestoccasion

And to finish; Say something nice...

Highlight; To infinity and beyond

As to those exciting things that have been keeping me away from my laptop... more of that later.

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