Cocktail hour...

I asked myself before I started this post whether it was too early in the week for cocktail hour, but then I thought, silly, its never too early for cocktail hour. Inspired by this fab how-to video from Etsy's youtube channel (below). 

So now that we have the decor sufficiently themed we must deck ourselves out

To me the cocktail dress will always have some serious flare to it. Thats just the way it is, whether you go for the classic,

black vintage Christian Dior 1955

or the not so classic...
animal print Christian Dior

These I love just for the patterns

To sip from...

 Never to be found in my kitchen cupboard I'm afraid this Le Maison Desny set from the 1930's. Very little is known about the French modernist design firm save that their pieces fetch a pretty penny at auction.

Keeping the standards high, to accessorise...

from Etsy store Sunny Day Vintage

and just in case you forget how to make your favourite cocktail grab one of these from NotOnTheHighStreet seller Betsy Jarvis

 Bottoms up


Laura Naylor said...

New found respect for Margaritas since Mehico. Mmmm.

mackyton said...

Everything looks just superb. I am totally in love with this. At one of the event venues Chicago I also will be hosting DIY bridal bash for my cousin so these ideas would be very helpful for me. I have already decided to use particular inspirations from this post.

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