Broken beauty

If, like me, you spend hours trawling through all the wondorous blogs and design websties that the www has to offer then the work of Chinese artist Li-Xiaofeng is probably old news.

But for those of you with better things to do, here's what you've been missing.

Li-Xiaofeng is a sculptor. But its his choice of materials that really make his work interesting. He uses shards of porcelain, the majority of which come from archeological digs and he joins them together to create, what he calls, his 'rearranged landscapes'. These landscapes take the form of what look like shattered suits of armour to my eye.

What really drew me to him was his 'polo shirt' for Lacoste. The clothing company commissioned the sculptor to make a piece for their 2010 clothing line but here he ran into a problem. China does not allow the export of ancient artefacts so the industrious Xiaofeng made his own porcelain bowls, on which he drew the Lacoste logo and name, and shattered them to get the fragments he needed for the commission. 

Clever, I do believe.

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