There are almost too many things to do this weekend. Oh to have that complaint more often.
#1 Saturday the ever fabulous Dundrum car boot sale. They only run from the end of May till August once a month and they are ALWAYS packed with sellers and buyers. If you're selling your world goods you have to turn up at 5am to get a spot. I joke you not. Last one I went to, I got there just after 5 and there were already 20 people in front of me. It is the Mecca of car boots in Ireland so fingers crossed this ones a good one. I've picked up some of my best finds there. 

#2 Also on Saturday is the Marlay Park Summer Craft Fair. Its in Marlay House itself, so if nothing else its a great opportunity for a snoop around. More to come on what I find there...

#3 And this one could keep you occupied all weekend. Kicking off yesterday and running until Sunday is the annual Street Performance World Championships.  You won't be able to fit everything in so don't try, go early because crowds get manic later in the day. Especially at the weekend. 

#4 And the finale is the Wheres Wally World Record Challenge. I've got my costume now all I have to do is turn up on Sunday and join (hopefully) thousands of other wallies and generally jump about the place. I think. Ill report bright and early Monday morning.

Have a fabulous weekend people.

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