Steve McCurry

I have always found the work of Steve McCurry to be incredibly beautiful. He manages to make you feel as if he has somehow captured a piece of his subjects soul. I think its the way that the camera seems to focus in on their eyes. Take this portrait (below) which McCurry is probably most famous for.

Some of his best work, in my opinion, are his portraits of children; all looking far older than their years.

His work is often unflinchingly honest in its depiction of children in war torn countries.

He is involved in a scheme called ImagineAsia whose aim is to
 'work in partnership with local community leaders and regional NGO's to help students in Afghan communities to provide fundamental educational and health care resources.'
When you look at some of the statistics that ImagineAsia goes into it really is shocking. The level of literacy is only 28% and the average life expectancy is a little over 43 years. There is a whole generation of Afghani children that are suffering for decisions they had no part in making. I love their scheme to translate all the Aesops Fables tales into Dari for the school children to read. 

He is not solely a portrait photographer though.You can see a full range of his work on his website and his blog.

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