Homegrown Craft part 3

Knitting is making a come back. You just have to look at the influx of knitting supply shops in small towns all over the country and the resurgence of knitting groups in local community halls and libraries, to see it that a new generation is picking it up with gusto. But in the minds of many 'non knitters' it still smacks of something that their grandmothers did. That is why I am always heartened to see knitwear that has a modern' upbeat vibe to it. (really digging the glimpses of the needles at work on the catwalk that TheFashionFragment talked about here)

So, with that in mind, you'll get why I took a shine to what Hothead had on offer

They are all the work of Jennifer Toland, who mainly specialises in childrens hats...

but I have to say my pick would be the little booties she had on the stand. Too cute.


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