Homegrown Craft - the finale

Im quite excited to share this, my final craft profile, with you. 
I'm a huge fan of prints, they are a fabulous way to own a piece of art without breaking the bank. Also, and I think this is true of most of my 'wants', it is not something that I do myself, (hence my love of all things ceramic). So there is this slight mystery to the process that I love. 

So without further ado let me introduce you to Fán Regan of The Printing Rooms .
A Fine Arts Graduate, Fán's work is a fabulous combination of strong colours and deceptively simple images that; on closer inspection, show a real attention to detail.

Favourites? Quite hard to decide, The peacock print above is beautiful but I do love my hearts

Especially the one with the butterflies.

So there you have it from my adventures at Marlay.
Have a fantastic weekend people. See you next week.

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