Back from my travels

 I spent ta good chunk of today trying to catch up on my emails and the rather copious amount of entries in my googlereader. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by all that the www was sending my way I decided to take a break and watch some of my favourite you tube videos. Those from the laboratories of Etsy. My picks for you...

 I love watching craftsmanship at work, especially when it looks into a craft, the making of which, I had never really considered before. I give you the American football

 Lemonball's etsy shop also has the most beautiful baseballs, can baseballs be beautiful? I think so.

Next up we head to Cyprus...

As is always the case with handcrafted items the time spent on them cannot always sustain them as an industry. Cheaper copies can be made in a tenth of the time and generally come from that powerhouse that is China. Next time you are veering towards the cheaper version remember the ladies of Lefkara.

Yes, it may not always be possible to buy handmade, but I am a firm believer in the less is more mantra. (unless when it comes to books). Buy less, but of a higher quality and they will outlast your cheap but inferior products. Take the dress that I wore to the wedding I was at at the weekend. It was over 50 years old and it was still in perfect condition, even after I had got through altering it.
My lace collection. Almost too good to use, almost.

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