Felt it... one for the craft geeks.

Yesterday I managed to stay away from my laptop, my emails and my phone all day. And I have to say it was a really nice change up for the books. Not that I can sustain it for very long mind you. But to fill in these long hours of leisure time I went along to Feltmakers Ireland AGM in Lucan. 

Last year there was a fashion show but I have to say I think I preferred this years format, there was the usual change up with the committee and then there was a series of demonstrations and cake. Very tasty cake. Some snaps of the day... 

Merino demo with Liz and Clodagh

Yup they had a lamb, live and all. Below Sheila Ahern showing how to work with the wool straight from the fleece. This one was a bit smelly. Lets say earthy, shall we. But it did get me thinking about a bag of wool I have straight from the sheeps back. Time to use it I think.

Elizabeth Bonner (below) on the art of silk paper. My favourite, of course.

 I have to say that I've been lagging on the felting side recently. I get so wrapped up with work and my work with silk paper that the other elements get pushed to the side, but seeing all the demonstrations and the ideas and projects yesterday has given me some ideas Ill have to get felting on soon.

How stunning is this dress by Suzanne Phelan (above)

Buy native. That seemed to be the message of the day. And when you think about it, it does seem crazy to be using wool from as far away as Australia when we have so many interesting breeds on our doorstep. They are, some would say, more difficult to work with; but I think that's what makes them so interesting. The textures and colours and natural lustre they hold. 

So having said that I would be keeping my wallet firmly closed I admit that I gave in. I blame all the lovely stock from Stephanie and Maria at The Yarn Room.

Silk cocoons  - so pretty.

So many ideas, so little time.
More technology free time is needed, perhaps, perhaps.


Holly said...

It was a great day. Lovely to see you and glad you had a electronic free day.

six0six design said...

And you too. Thanks for all the carding tips - I'll have to buy some dog brushes. Vanessa

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