Double time

 A few years ago I bought a Lomographic fisheye camera no 2 when I was travelling in America, I'd been hankering after it for ages and America rocks when it comes to the price of its electronics.

Its a pretty nifty camera and I find because it uses film, old school I know, I am a lot more considerate of the shots that I take. My favourite feature on it has to be the double exposure one. You take one shot and then you take another and the two overlay eachother with the end result coming out something like this. These are my favourite three that I took with my own fair hand.

 Lake Louise, Canada

 Train tracks, Portland

A street in San Francisco

But what got me thinking about my own amateur dabbles into the world of double exposure was the work of one Dan Mountford. Very definitely not an amateur.

He creates these beautiful portraits of people with images overlaying them through the technique of double exposure and he does it all 'in camera'.

It is like we are seeing behind the curtain, into what the subject is thinking or feeling at the moment that the shot is taken.

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