Till next week

Well ladies and gents I am off to sail the fair seas (fingers crossed) to England tomorrow morning. Having just calculated travel time I realise we have to leave at the ungodly hour of 5am, and on St. Patricks day of all days. I will see you back here this time next week but in the meantime here are some web wonders to keep you clicking...

The blog has a section on tutorials that has some pretty cool ideas, simple too. I'm saving up my crayons to try out the rainbow crayons

A recent find and favourite of mine is Kate Gabriel's blog Wit and Delight. Especially love her recent post on 'Finding her inner French Girl' Read it once, then read it again.

And then we have the ever lovely 'The Gilded Bee' blog. This is sheer visual nirvana. Most of what you see is for sale in her etsy shop, and man does the girl know how to take a photograph. If you want tips on product photography visit here.

This one I think Ive recommended before. Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog. This lady is a published author, photographer and blogger all rolled into one. She lives on a house boat in Amsterdam and takes the most haunting and romantic photographs. 

Also Amy Ross's Eat Drink Chic. I love the Wedding posts

The list could go on, but I need to pack and sleep before tomorrow.Till next time

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