Sartorialise this ...

Every now and then I pop in on The Sartorialist. When I've had a particularly long day or week in the workshop, and it feels like forever since I've worn clothes that are pretty, NOT practical, this blogging gem reminds me why it is that I love to dress up. Because clothes can change everything from the way you feel to the way you walk and move. 

Say what you like about Scott Schumann, the name behind the camera, but man does he take a good snap. And that's exactly what they are; these aren't studio shots or long drawn out set ups, they are a few moments of someone's day captured on camera. Albeit very well dressed someone's.
 Here are my favourite 3 from the last week or so.

 Its the handkerchief just peeping out of the pocket that gets me

 The bird.. its just so ...well; random, what's not to love

The hats, ladies and gents, need I say any more 

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