Friday's stones in your pockets.

 I'm a hoarder. There it is, I've said it. I keep things that most people throw away, in fact I actively search out things that most people throw away. And I could not until now explain to any degree of satisfaction my ever growing collection of seaside paraphernalia. I have stones and shells from all over the world, every beach I've ever been to. But now I have justification for their presence. And here it is.

Quite a while ago, actually about this time last year, I wrote up about unusual interpretations of the art of crochet and I included the fabulous photographs by Margaret Oomen from Etsy shop knitalatte (below).

And just the other day while I was catching up on my blog reading, what did I find over on purl bee, but a tutorial on how to create these 'crochet covered sea stones'. Now all I have to do is tackle the art of crochet. I can do straight lines but this pattern business is still beyond my grasp. Weekend project perhaps. 

Have a fantastic weekend.

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