A new year, a new sound

First order of business, a Happy New Year to everyone.
Now lets get down to the good stuff.
No, not new year resolutions, that's so last year. Music. I have never posted about music because I am no music expert, I know what I like but that's as far as it goes. But I'm going to make a little exception for these two ladies. On Monday I woke up 1 year older and my two lovely N and M's gave me a very fabulous present.

#1 Meghan Tonjes

I first discovered Meghan via the wonder that is "the YouTube" and I've been cyber stalking her ever since. And now I'm the proud owner of a signed copy of her album "Be in Want". There are so many carbon copies in the music industry, well in every industry,  it is SO refreshing to encounter an artist who not only has an amazing voice but writes her own songs and has a wicked sense of humour (just check out her come backs to those unhelpful comments on her videos). She also does some amazing covers. It was really really tough to pick a favourite but after much procrastination I went with 'The End'.

#2 Lauren O'Connell

Again another youtube discovery and again one I've been following for an age. Another fantastic songwriter who has plenty of quirky personality to match. Lauren is busy writing an album and because she's doing all by her lonesome she needs help. I have now officially sponsored my first album. When the album comes out I get a signed copy and lots of free songs in the meantime!!!!! Way too much excitement for one day.

Two 'loves' in one post. It must be a new year. 

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