Monday showcases the best of Droog

Droog is a 'design foundation' based in Amsterdam and New York, that collaborates with designers around the world to create some very clever ideas that aren't too shabby in the looks department either. 
Here are my Top Picks

'What you see is not' Drawer by Portuguese designer Fernando Brizio. The piece is reduced to its essential elements. The drawer itself is the only 3 dimensional element.

 I really love this very clever and pretty good value set of Jar Tops by Jorre van Ast. They are designed to be universally used on any jars. 

Again another very simple, yet very clever idea is the 'Do Frame Tape' by Marti Guixe. It gives you your very own picture frames in seconds. All you need to do is supply the picture.

And for the finale the 'Push and Store' cabinet by Chung-Tang Ho

I love the sculptural element to the piece as you can see the effect what you put into the cabinet has in relief at the back.

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