Until next year ..

Dear All,

Well I Do believe it is Christmas Eve, or Christmas eve day, morning.

This is where I say goodbye for the year and wish you all a very happy Christmas filled with lots of turkey and pudding and wrapping paper that you cant bear to throw away (ok maybe that last one is just me)
I'm shutting my laptop off for the next few days, over which time I will say quite often how I don't really need technology to survive and how nice it is to just sit back and read my book in front of the fire. This delusion might even last till New year. In the mean time I'll leave you with some pretty Christmas-ness

My favourite Advent calendar this year has to be this ultra Zen one from  blogger Annnaleenashem. It might all be in Swedish but its a gorgeous blog.

 And here are my own Christmas tree decorations that I'm chuffed to say sold like hot cakes. Though I did manage to save one or two for my own tree.

Happy Christmas

xxx Vanessa

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